Create Task 4/29

Today I worked on the written portion of the create task. I finished writing all sections. I recorded the create video as well, recording me moving, fighting skeletons, and using a health potion. I also put the program code in a pdf and marked up the algorithm and abstraction I mentioned in the written portion. When this was all complete, I was done with the project and submitted it to AP Classroom. I am now done with the Create Task.

My completion of this project is 10/10.

Create Task 4/24

I have completed all of the coding portions of the task. The program now has a player which can move, fight enemies, be hurt by enemies, heal themselves, and increase their strength. It has everything I want, and now I only need to complete the written task, which I plan to finish this weekend.

I would say I am 7/10 towards completion.

Create Task 4/8

Today I worked more on health potions. I made the player keep potions in an inventory, and they are able to keep on to them to use at a later date. I also made each room randomly have either one or two potions. I may develop this further if I have time, but I think it works fine as it is.

I would say I am 5/10 towards completion. I think most of what I have left to add is just extra stuff I don't truly need for the game to work, and doing stuff to make the game more user-friendly.

Create Task 4/3

Today I worked on adding health items to the game. Each room now has one which will be gained after defeating the skeletons in the room. The ones further in the dungeon restore more health. I plan to in the future allow the player to choose when to use their potions and add more than one per room. I also fixed a couple bugs and removed a redundant variable.

I would say the project is 4.5/10 towards completion.

Create Task 3/27

Today I completed the majority of the combat system. I made the skeletons able to fight back and made it possible to game over. The skeleton attacks do a random amount of damage, between 2 and 6 damage. Right now I think that the amount of damage per attack works well, but I may change it in the future. I also fixed a bug that the game would crash if you chose to fight even though there were no enemies.

I would say the project is 4/10 towards completion.

Create Task 3/26

Today I worked mostly on combat mechanics. I added some randomness to skeleton health, and also made a new fight function. Right now the player always does the same amount of damage, but I may change that in the future. I also changed some things with movement, most notably making it so the player can only leave a room once all enemies inside have been defeated.

So far I think the project is 3.5/10 towards completion.

Create task 3/25

Today I worked more on the enemies. I added health that grows as you approach the exit. I also worked on cleaning up the ui a bit, and fixing a few bugs with movement that I noticed.

I think I am about 3/10 towards completion.